Gun-for-hire techWork notes

Nothing is provable in art. None of us can ever really reach above preference. Art need not suffer tho. Science can be an inspiration for an artistic output as well as a subject matter without being ridiculous. An art thing can educate while also being giggly. Naivity can exist as a thing of value without hindering emotive delivery. You get 40 minutes, what are you going to do. You might as well be smart and funny when you’re up there. You might as well tell a story that is educating and uplifting. Someone might get inspired. Who knows how or why and to do what so never mind about all that.

Working in the terminal is a past that might have been our future. For some of us it still can be the future.

Being driven to work on the second day we pass a place called Glädjen (Happiness). There’s a road sign. It reminds me of another place up north called NjutÅnger (RegretfulPleasure). I’ve never been there. I asked Maria about NjutÅnger and she said she passes it every time she goes back north. I had the thought that regretting taking pleasure from life has to do with the passage of time. How I might come to regret pleasure derived from impulsivity in the moment after a time. Short and long term gains.

This time around I really couldn’t tell if the show was gonna turn out good or not through the rehearsals. When the crowd was in there it came together. It got captivating. Came alive. Got me interested. Even had me close to tears. I don’t regret selling my time. I guess you could say I was helping a friend.

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