Frequently asked questions

I heard you have a lot of guitars, how many do you have?

I don’t want to say.
I mean really… [laughs]
Too many!

Come on man how many?

Geez Louise I dunno… I mean it’s not like I’m collecting them. They’re guitars that I play you know. They all have different tunings and have something that’s speial about them. One is a barytone guitar so it has a longer scale length and heavier gauges. I am excited about that one. It’s a Hagström Viking. Semihollow body. I have it ’cause I used to have a Hagström when I was a kid but it got took somewhere along the way. Then a while back I had a chance to buy this barytone really cheap so. I mean, they’re all cheap guitars. Nothing fancy. They’re experiments. Not all of them successfull! One is a black Epiphone SG with quarter tone fretting up to the twelth fret. That one I don’t play enough to be honest.

What are we talking here? Triple digits?

NO! [laughs]
That would be crazy.
Single digits for sure!

What are your settings for InitialKeyRepeat and KeyRepeat?

I have ’em both set pretty fast but not as fast as some folks.
I feel it suits my temperament. It’s fast, but not twitchy.
Here’s how you can make yours like mine:

defaults write -g InitialKeyRepeat -int 15

defaults write -g KeyRepeat -int 1

I need it to be fast so that I can be lazy in the bad way in nvim. Fast frets you know… I still do a whole lot of hulkSmashing hjkl to get around even tho I know better. I do some { and } to traverse blocks sometimes. I love the idea of using marks although I feel like that’s for when I have like a big thing. Like a whole set of things that I want to navigate in more of a magical way. Like for a gig maybe. I have not set up any marks for when I am sat at home just noodling trying stuff out.

What operating system do you use?

Mostly I use 10.12 because I need to be able to run certain software that won’t run well or at all on more modern versions. I have one computer that I’m still trying to get everything running on 10.13 but there are some little annoyances there I can’t live with. For example I can’t turn off the boot chime on 10.13. I remember going to a couple different gigs where I was sat in the audience feeling embarrassed for some guy who had to reboot his computer after it froze. I just can not live with a computer that could narc on me. I mean, not with that chime at least [chuckles]. Anyway, getting back to the question; I also have a couple of different Linux computers that I’m hoping will pan out on a long enough timeline. Thanks to a lot of help from friends I have a pretty neat set up with Arch on a Rpi4 going. That’s more of a long term project though.