These kinds of pages are always a bit weird aren’t they? I mean, who are they for? It’s a pretty low key way to get the word out ahead of time so my thinking is it’ll mostly, if ever, be read after the fact. So I thought that instead of doing the ususal image crafting I would let you know how I got the gigs, and what they were like. Who was nice to me, and who is the person you should contact to ask for a gig? Was it a good PA at the venue? Was the tech staff into new music? How big was the space? Was the audience engaged and listening attentively? That kind of thing is always what I’m asking folks when they say they played somewhere.

Intersections of traversals at Notam

I was invited by Mads Kjeldgard to perform at Notam during the season finale of their SuperCollider meetup group. I really liked the space. They had four Genelec’s set up in Quad configuration. I made a Quad version of the piece and projected the code. There was a nice vibe and the audience listened attentively. I talked to a few folks afterwards and they seemed pleased. I especially liked this one guy Nicklas Adam’s performance and we talked afterwards and that was great. I felt like we had a lot in common in terms of thinking. He felt very free to me. I especially liked how I was able to go from not feeling engaged in the beginning of the performance to being tremendously engaged by the end of it. He changed my mind. That always feels really invigorating for me to go through that as part of an audience. To be transformed by a piece.

Here is the promo material and the lineup for the event:

To celebrate the end of a fantastic year of SuperCollider meetups at Notam, we proudly present a night of music and sounds produced by way of writing code.

NOTAM’s kitchen will be fitted with a quad speaker setup which will be subjected to wildly different ways of making particles vibrate in space.

The lineup for the concert covers a wide range of interesting ways of coding conceptual, performative, noisy, self-governing and / or wonderful sound machines and composition systems.

LINEUP: Daniel M Karlsson (SE) Niklas Adam (DK/NO) yann ics (FR) Mads Kjeldgaard (DK/NO)

PRICE: free

Concert: Code
Monday, 17 June 2019 from 19:00-23:00 UTC+02
Sandakerveien 24 D, Bygg F3, N- 0473 Oslo, Norway