If you’re looking around trying to find pictures of me on the internet, you can’t, because I don’t want you to. I don’t want there to be any pictures of my face on the internet because reasons. The short version is that I am using my face while doing regular stuff, like buying groceries and just generally hanging out in society as an unknown nobody. This anonymity is worth a lot more to me than anything I can imagine happening as a result of playing along with people who don’t know me, or care about my wellbeing, by allowing access to pictures of my face, for reasons of exposure for my artist persona. I am not particularly interested in becoming a household name, or for my artist persona to experience some kind of undefined growth in recognizability.

If, for some strange reason, you still “need” some kind of image to put in a grid, alongside other people’s faces, on some kind of site that aims to promote something I have agreed to be involved with in some capacity, please find two alternatives to be used in place of headshots below. Crop as you see fit, but please, do not alter the colors contained in the images in any way.