I got to talking with a friend on new years eve one year, about how a page with links is the og decentralized internet. I feel tremendous gratitude that I am able to use skills I have already acquired to make that kind of page happen on my site right away.

Please note that this list of Public Internet sites makes no attempt to be fully exhaustive, and will undoubtedly be added to continously, as more sites are made available and The Public Internet grows.

Mats Erlandsson | Maria W Horn | David Granström | Scott Cazan | John Chantler
Theodor Kentros | Erik Berg | Lisa Stenberg | Erik Enocksson | Julia Giertz
Mads Kjeldgaard | Isak Edberg | Niklas Adam | Yair Elazar Glotman | Joonas Siren
The Human Comparator | Elektronmusikstudion | Pan Nordic Computer Music Network Skaiv | Edition festival | Fylkingen | XKatedral | Kalkatraz Cassettes | Irrlicht
Co-Dependent | Active Listeners Club | Conditional | SuperCollider | SuperClean
Neovim | Scnvim | Alacritty | Rectangle | Reaper | Ubuweb | | Collapse OS Zimoun | Frogfind | 68knews | Wikipedia | Chris Mann | Anton Andersson | Hadron | Henrik Olsson | N Collective | Toxoplasma | browsh