Mimer IRs

I made four impulse responses of Mimer, which is an old defunct iron ore mine in Sweden, which now serves as Norbergfestival’s largest stage. These should be thought of as an attempt to capture my own sense of being in that room, rather than an accurate depiction mathematically.



I made two impulse responses of the AKG spring reverb at EMS. I figured I could share them here. They came out pretty decent I think. The real thing is it’s own thing for sure but files win on portability hands down so, go ahead, download ’em.


Current Planck EZ layout

This is my current Planck EZ layout. I have the version with leds. I have a couple of other keyboards but this is the one I’ve been using most. I held out for a really long time hoping that I would be able to get used to the stock placement of the arrow keys. That was not happening at all a couple years in so I finally caved and changed that.