Daniel M Karlsson

Composer focused primarily on texture and timbre.1
Works extensively with algorithmic composition.
Marxist transhumanist singularitarian.2

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Below is the track that I think is my strongest work at present. If you are pressed for time then I think you should start there.

If you’d like to read some text I wrote about that piece, then click the link above that says col. There are some other links around there that I made for other pieces and projects I’ve done in the past. Those are still valid as representative examples of the kind of music that I make.

I would love it if you emailed me, about anything, right now even. I am entirely serious, have at it! I think that if you emailed me then that would be the best thing that could happen here after you are finished with your goTo of me [chuckles].

firstname no initial [at] firstname initial lastname [dot] com

1. Drone basically but, as always, it’s complicated.
2. Think more of a Fun-Times-Fully-Automated-Luxury-Space-Communism-With-Optional-Mind-Uploading-For-All,
    rather than an evil neoliberal plot to bleed the commons dry.