My site is currently in text only mode due to being under reconstruction. Certain external resources are still available for download. Shoot me an email if you are looking for something in particular and maybe we can work something out.

Daniel M Karlsson

Composer focused primarily on texture and timbre.1
Works extensively with algorithmic composition.
Marxist transhumanist singularitarian.2

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I would love it if you emailed me, about anything, right now even. I am entirely serious, have at it! I think that if you emailed me then that would be the best thing that could happen here after you are finished with your goTo of me [chuckles].

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1. Drone basically but, as always, it’s complicated.
2. My biggest short term goal is Economic Democracy for everyone. A simpler wording would be “everything for everyone”. Practical breakdown includes, but is not limited to: Free access to food, housing, clothing, education, transportation and computation. I am entirely anti capitalist and I regard any and all speculation as fundamentally unacceptable. My biggest long term goal is a fun times fully automated luxury space communism with optional mind uploading for all. You need to know that about me if we are going to be friends.